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Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?

did you yourself read thru your MRI report or did the doc just "tell" you what was in it or not in it?what was actually stated in the summary at the very end of the report?you do need to make certain that you are also obtaining your very own copies of any and all testing results.not all specialists really know about all possible findings as far as how really important something can be(very highly dependant upon their overall level of real knowledge and experience with any given finding or condition that dictates that).i have had this happen to me a few times til i started obtaining my OWN copies then asking the right questions or doing my own just need to keep your own set of youre own medical reacords with ALL and any actual test results too.then you can read thru them yourself.incidental findings that can pop up in some reports can be big things but if your doc is not really knowledgable about them in most cases,they don;t even bother to mention them.this just happens to patients and docs who cannot possibly know 'everything' you know what i mean?i had three completely different views about my cavernoma from three seperate(who i assumed were)very highly knowledgable NSs.only the tird one really gave this thing the gravity it deserved as far as what real risks it posed to my spinal cord and also told me that it had actually bled, was in the report but i didn't realize what 'hemosiderin' was.and none of the other two NSs bothered to mention this little fact to sick is that.i bled,twice into my actual spinal cord and they didn;t think that was important enough to share with me,the patient?hello?just keep your own records from now on,you will be very glad at some point that you did this extra step for yourself,trust me on that one.good luck and please keep me posted. **
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