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Re: Uncertain about possible acute panic attack and anxiety -- Any input?(long)

I really appreciate your reply, Pri Lily,

To reply....

I have improved greatly since everything had transpired. I had horrible abdominal pains that increased in intensity after eating.

I had been told that the blood pressure could have been related to pain. That is what I was hoping. As for the stress I had experienced, it was definitely some dough stuff. All of the things that I had stressed about have been taken care of.

When I first began to experience issues, I stopped sleep meds (diphenhydramine) and caffiene cold turkey.. I think part of my issues may have been withdrawl of at least on of them.

The Cortisol as explained to me by the endocrinologits is a stress hormone. It can be increased by stress and cause high blood pressure and a slew of other issues. Also, cortisol can cause stress and anxiety, so it was a question of chicken or egg?

I have had so many tests and I have been cleared of diabetes. According to all docs, I am completely healthy.

The anxiety is the easiest part...people who have never been sick a day in their lives, and then have a "mystery illness" are very likely to become extremely anxious. The fact of not knowing what's wrong, along with never really going to hospitals, or Doctors, can freak anybody out.
You've got that right. I think that is also a part of my problem.. Going from perfectly fine to mysterious nervous wreck with loads of meds freaked me out.

the biggest improvement I had was when i stopped every med. I now dont take anything but a multivitamin, vitamin C.

You are right in the fact that gastritis is quite some horrible pain.

Thanks again for the response!