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Re: Uncertain about possible acute panic attack and anxiety -- Any input?(long)


It seems that our experiences just solidifies the cliche "When it rains, it pours."

I certainly hope that you are improving and things are getting back on track for you.

I was just so dumbfounded that stress could have this sort of effect.

I have yet to see a doc about anxiety/stress. Thus the reason I wanted to get some opinions on if that seems like what I need. The doc that prescribed me the paxil knows that I refuse to take it.

I havent been in a docs office in over 2 months, while during my 3month hell ordeal, i had 2-3 doc appts a week.

My entire goal was to try to get back to normal without the need for any sort of meds. As I had mentioned, I only have a couple of minor symptoms left over, other than those, i am feeling like things are back to normal..

Thank you for your reply.
I had suspected anxiety and panic during my ordeal, but i was in denial. I just wanted some opionions to somewhat help me validate my suspicions.

Maybe if my improvements begin to reverse, then I can go to a doc that specializes in anxiety. I still find it hard to think i may have a sort of anxiety problem.

You take care!

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