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Re: I can't live without speed...maybe.

Originally Posted by maggie0704;325***9
Hey Marc:
I looked up the name of that medication, and it said the MAX dose is 60mg. So the 75mg sounds like your taking too much.
I don't know what to say to your post. What type of sleeping disorder do you have? Narcolepsy? That is one thing it's prescribed for.
And if you have that, then i completely understand the need for something to keep you awake......but it sounds to me like you just like the amphetamine part of it. I completely understand that it is frustrating with taking meds. and them causing side-effects. It sucks and its hard to find ones that the benefits outway the side-effects.
But one thing that i'm sure you know, is that the aphetamines are not good for you. Especially if u are in recovery and bcuz of the fact that you either intentionally, or accidentally overdosed "on purpose".
Amphetamines cause a vicious even says so on the info. i brought up on that drug. Bcuz once they start wearing off, u feel like crap, and only feel better once u take another dose. So it's VERY VERY hard to be an addict and be able to take drugs like that as prescribed. But...your being prescribed a large dose that is still more than the recommended doseage. So your taking more than recommended anyways.
It's your decision ultimately and u have to decide what's best for you. But i remember when i was addicted to Adderall, and even though i was taking it as prescribed (even though i didn't have ADD), i was slowly dying inside.
I had MAJOR anger, bursts of screaming at family, lost weight, never slept, always irritable, very very depressed. I didn't even realize how it was affecting me until i went to rehab and came off it. I had no clue of how i was behaving and how that had a hold on me. I'm sickened still to this day about the way i behaved towards loved ones, and how out of it i was.
I would say "im going to go to bed early tonight"....and next thing i knew it was 4am and i'd have nothing to account for what i'd done that had taken me SO long to get into bed. I was literally out of my mind.
And that drug your speaking of, is also used for please be careful!
You obviously have a medical condition that needs something and some kind of treatment. I just dont' know if that med. is your best choice.
I'd look into your condition maybe online, and see what's out there.
Amphetamines can destroy your life. It's only a band-aid to the current issue, and can leave u with nothing and no one if your not careful.
Good luck and God Bless.
Yeah, the max dose is 60mg. But doctors can raise max doses on drugs if they think it's necessary, it's legal and it's common. I know someone on 80mg Dexedrine. Doctors usually will increase the dose on Amphetamine to above 60mg, because after 60mg, they have to put you on Methamphetamine, and doctors don't like to do that...

Dexedrine is like Adderall, only it's a lot more pure and clear. In high doses, Adderall will make you breathe heavily and sweat a lot, and Dexedrine wont. It has a lot of abuse potential. The 75mg Dexedrine is equal roughly to 150mg Adderall.

I know all of the drugs available for treatment. I've researched the condition, and all of the drugs, thoroughly. I have only two choices:

1. Take three drugs that make me feel like i'm not myself at all, have a lot of side effects, and feel absolutely horrible, and spend hundreds of dollars on prescription drugs yearly.

2. Take one drug(Dexedrine) that makes me feel like myself, has no ugly side effects, costs 15$ a month, enables me to live life like a normal human being.

This is why I made the title of this thread "I can't live without speed". Because it's honestly the ONLY OPTION I HAVE.

If I relapse, it means that for about a month I start planning it out in my head, and that I go into a ton of denial, and I notice it all happening LONG before the relapse happens. I know how to stay clean and my entire life is recovery. Taking this drug increases my chances of relapse by 0%. It's like saying "You can't go into grocery stores because you will see the liquor department. Instead of buying grocery's, eat mcdonalds 24/7".