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Re: I can't live without speed...maybe.

Sorry, everyone. Yeah, I don't really know what i'm asking.

The reason why I said "maybe", was because a lot of recovering addicts tell me that they thought they had a physical need for their drugs (benzos, speed...etc).

Originally Posted by granny0 View Post
But when taking speed one thing I could not do was sleep. So I don't really know what kind of sleep disorder you have but if the dr is prescribing it for you, I guess it's justified.
Well, I sleep enough hours. But I don't get restful enough sleep. I have something like narcolepsy, i guess. I never really went to a sleep specialist, because i'm assuming sleep specialist would take a lot of money and time and not do anything for me. My doctor told me the same thing pretty much.

I fall asleep uncontrollably, I can't focus at all because i'm always tired, i'm never alert, and i'm slightly overweight, etc. Speed corrects all of that stuff.