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Re: I can't live without speed...maybe.

Hey Marc,
Have you ever heard of Vyvance (lisdexamfetamine dimesylate). I recently was prescribed it for the same symptons you described and it is working well for me. It comes in 30,50, and 70 mgs. I take two 50 mgs per day. This drug has a much lower potential for abuse becasuse it is not metabolized to amphetamine status until it is digested and passes through the live and large intestine. This means it is not an active amphetamine when you put it in your mouth but rather a precursor that is metabolized into amphetamine after digested .... nonetheless, still the real deal. Regardless, it cannot be snorted or used any other way besides the prescribed method because if it is ...... it will do NOTHING. It is also long acting so you don't have the ups and downs of the other ADD meds wearing off and inducing cravings for another dose. Now, with that being said, people who are used to popping pills can still be tempted to take additional doses just out of sheer bad habits but it is much easier to stave off that impulsive behavior with this medicine.... for me at least. Ask your doctor about it. Also, it claims not to have a build in your system or to develop tolerances which lead to the need to take more for the same effect. Sounds too good to be true I know. I just started it a week ago but so far, so good. Just a suggestion if you must take amphetamines..... perhaps this is an option with the potential to minimize collateral damages. Good luck ! By the way, the Vyvance company is GIVING away free 30 day samples. Isn't that the same method that drug pushers use on the street ? ..Just kidding. Best wishes.........ms1