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Re: Help me to make a choice for myself and my future baby-in regards to seizure meds

hi George11 congrats on being seizure free for so long, but y are u still on meds after being free for all this time? I been free for 6 and cant wait for next year so i can stop the meds and have a child myself. According to all the neuros i spoken to many women who are epileptic and on their meds have healthy babies, and women who have just stopped their meds also have healthy babies. It is scary the transaction of daily meds for so long to none but most of the change is mental and the body will adjust quick as long as ur seizure free, if ur not sure if the seizures can return u can always ask the neuro to put u on a med during ur pregnancy that will not harm the child; also have a GYN check you to make sure ur pelvic is ready to carry the baby and no harm was caused by the meds you were on. Many women who suffer and suffered from epilepsy are proud mothers today and y dont see y u wouldn't b another 1..I wish u the best

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