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Re: International travel with an infant? Need a lot of advice.

Well, I've NEVER flown with a baby, so I'm no expert, but these things did come to mind:
1.Try to get an overnight flight, as you said, so she may sleep during.
2.Take as little as you possibly can and buy things you need when you get there, like the diapers and the formula. Contact your hubby or family, if possible, and have him/them stock up before you arrive.
3. If that's not feasible, look into the cost of shipping some items to your family ahead of time.
4. I know there are some meds that adults use to ease their anxiety/motion sickness during flight. Ask your pediatrician if there is anything you can give your babe to sooth her during transit (I am in no way saying you should "dope your baby up," but if international travel is hard on an adult, I can only imagine how hard it would be for an infant.)