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Re: Rotating between an opiates and tramadol

Dear Daniel,

Both Fabby and Steve have my votes!

Tramadol is a controlled substance--a Schedule IV substance in most places. If you look around the Internet, it seems like there's always some hesitance in calling Ultram (tramadol) an outright opiate. The body, apparently, doesn't produce the same type of responses--things like the amount of respiratory depression, the more limited antagonistic response to Narcan (naloxone), histamine response, etc.

When I was given a sample of it (way back in 1997 or so), I had a severe seizure. Furthermore, there was no relief of the pain I was experiencing.

The actual time away from the tramadol (and anything similar) is probably what made the medication seem like it was working better again. When I went through my first month on generic Duragesic (Mylan), I went through withdrawal. The following I crawled to the pharmacy...I got the Sandoz generic version of the patch. It took me several weeks before I felt like I wasn't ingesting too much of the fentanyl! Then, the situation seemed to be back to normal. (Doesn't it bite--in the biggest manner--that severe pain should ever be a 'normal' situation for anyone?)

Your doctor would probably be open to switching between two medications, as long as they are reasonably similar. Please let us know if anything else develops!

Jon (Conductor)