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Re: Alone but not...

Thank you for your response, and I'm very sorry for your loss as well. I sympathize with you, it must be very hard taking care of your daughter alone like that. I know what my dad went through after my mom passed, and I always had so much respect for him, putting up with me and my brother as he did. I can't imagine how you must miss your husband.

I guess I'm having ups and downs. One point, I'm fine and thinking I can deal with this, no problem, I've dealt with it so many times before (it meaning the dr visits, etc), then the next point I'm thinking OMG what am I going to do?! and just about in a panic wondering how in the world I can handle this again. I'm wondering right now if I should just drop out of college for now, put my degree off, but then, there's not much I can do for my husband right now anyway, have to rely on the drs to figure out what's going on. He had recently gotten a really good job, but now they won't let him work until they figure it. I had quit my job to concentrate on schooling, now I need to go find a full time job and with full time classes too... I don't know, I really want to finish school but I think maybe there's just too much other stuff going on right now...

Best wishes to you. I don't envy your situation in the least, and I certainly fear I may end up in the same all too soon. Thank you again, it does help to know that I don't sound nuts with this. ((((you))))) back.