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More Drugs!!

Hi all. I went to the rheumy on Wednesday and for the first time he actually found swelling in my finger joints. It's like now he believes that there is something going on! So he prescribed sulfasalizine to help with the inflamation. Then Thursday the pm did some facet injections in the area of my fusion[c7/t1]. He said if this doesn't work any better than all the others it will be my last injection. I asked if there was something "better" than vicodin for those bad days. He gave me a script for MScontin! Then he told me I have to take this everyday. Due to the fact that my brain is in a constant fog I didn't even question it. I just wanted something for the bad days not all the time. Now it's try this stuff for awhile because if I don't then he acts like I'm not trying. I didn't think my brain fog could get any worse. I was WRONG! Thanks for the vent! Fred

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