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Re: More Drugs!!

hi Arth, By all means Vent. I certainly don't believe people neeeed to be on these meds daily unless it's a last resort. You do become dependent and many other people in themedical field can be quick to leap from physically dependent to addicted. Dependent is just a physiological reponse, addiction is a nightmare to keep it short.

What dose diod they put you on becaue you do get used to the drowsiness. As far as impairment "fog", we all have a level we are willing to tolerate or face pain we can't cope with. The idea of LA meds is to keep the pain in check which makes it easier to control the spikes. Actual addiction rates are much lower so docs would prefer to treat you long term with long acting rather than short. The list goes on why long actuing is better. However. the general populations understands little about chronic pain and the use of opiates and the difference between dependence and addiction. Not that being dependent isn't a huge price, but it's not destructive. That's the idea if somone has to be dependent on opiates.

If you think there is a chance this new drug can make a huge difference, Than I'll say something I shouldn't and you follow your gut. If you don't take the MS more than once a day 2 or 3 times a week, stopping it will be a breeze and you may be able to go back to Vicodin as a break through med. If you felt like experimenting and trying this, You are the only one that would know and it would give you a potential alternative to dependence on opiates a chance and you still have something for severe pain.

Juts because your doc gives you something you don't have to take it. You need to tell him you didn't take it and I have no doubt you can find someone to use the other drug and a short acting pain med for break through pain. As long as the short acting doesn't become the daily med to control your pain we take meds when you don't need them. Prescription addiction is a little more complex when a doc is the one saying don't worry about it and all your doing is taking what's prescribed. Sometimes docs are wrong, they are only giving you their recomendation, it's just his opionion. Other docs won't use opiates at all, some will use a cobination of meds if needed. But they shouldn't be mandatory for treatment or forced to take any med, you may have to change docs, but you do have a choice about your healthcare.

If you don't want to go that route, you don't have too. If this med works and another doc is willing to use this and some vicodin when things get bad, why not buy yourself a few more years of freedom. It is an option It's not what this doc recomends, but he may listen when you say I only used 13 pills and the new med works great. You will never get a chance to know whether the med is providing the relief or the opiate if you don't try it without being in an opiate fog. That will get better if you have to go that route, but this is really your chance to try alternatives before trading relief for dependence.

I understand needing to vent and more patients need to consider the price for their request and why docs do what they do.
Good luck, Dave