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Androgel Roller coaster update

I'm now beginning my 4th week on Androgel. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster. I printed out the little Progress Tracker from their site and it is easy to see how I am doing on AG.

Of the 21 days, I had 7 days where I had strong erections, although I have early morning erections almost every other day. Desire to use them? I have had 7 days of real strong libido. Although that correlates with the 7 strong erections most but not all, are on the same day. I have had 3 to 4 days where I felt I had abundant energy to do almost anything I want but each time, the following day, I am totally pooped, have no desire to do anything or see anyone. I have had only 3 days that I did not have some form of mild depression. I have had 6 days of somewhat increased sense of "well-being."

I am exercising, alternating walking and running for up to 3 miles every day (something that I am not at all use to doing although I rode my bike a lot several years ago.). I am most successful and less tired on those days where I had abundant energy. Yet, I have gained 5 pounds and it appears to all be in my gut!

It seems like most of the positive effects have come in the last week and a half. Their site says most effects areafter 1 month. Except I have had stronger erections and early morning wood almost from day 1.

I am still in agreement with hayfarmer that I seriously need to get a total E workup off of the AG. The positive effects of AG are pleasant enough that I know there is some hope but it encourages me to keep looking at a low Free T level as my main issue. I really need to narrow it down. My doc is due to call Wednesday but that was scheduled way back when he had me try Clomid that, BTW, was also a roller coaster ride but with un-acceptable side effects. I will relay all this info to him.

If he wants me to increase the AG or does not order E tests, I am going to go off AG myself for a week and order tests from Direct Labs online. I really need to get to the bottom of this and start an effective HRT and get a life!

If the tests show, as I suspect they will, an elevated E and/or SHBG I may 1st try some of the herbal remedies like LJ100 or Vitex, both proported to be effective at increasing Free T by regulating E. I just don't want to do the drugs if I can help it. I'll test again in a month and go from there.

Comments welcome.

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