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Re: ankle injury getting worse - familiar?

i am so sorry you now have also been Dxed with this hell too.i have RSD or the newer name RCPS in my R knee and have since about two months after my spinal cord surgery caused all kinds of different types of damage and the syndromes crap.i was suspecting this could be your issue but hoping your symptomology would change for you and get better.this stuff 'can' possibly "remit' at times but it really never just goes away.this IS damage.there is a really great RSD board down below here,i would highly recommend that you pop in there and start asking some questions.the folks there are really a great group of people who are all suffering with this same Dx you and i have.there are certain things can help with pain and i would really advise you to try and obtain what is called a sympathetic nerve block?this is about as close to getting some level of real Dx as to just what is generating the pain syndrome,either neuropathic or sympathetic.if you get some relief from the symp block,it is pretty conclusive that what you do have is most likely can help with the pain when done on a repeated basis.just one tool in the chest of trying to manage this nasty pain process.

the best way to treat this really is by seeing a good pain management doc who is much more knowledgable in the best ways of treating ortho and my pain doc have been kind of working together since this nightmare began to do the best things for my knee.i also have some damage in there and actually had to have two knee surgeries done on the RSD one.scared the crap outta me but i couldn't avoid the repair surgery.luckily it didn't spread to the other knee,which can happen when you have surgery on an affected extremity.

you are unfortunetly very right when it comes to trying to get other people to really understand just how extreme this crap is and how badly you WANT to be able to do something but can't.chatting with others who have this will help tons with there experienced advice.scroll on down to that RSD board,you will be very glad you did.please keep me posted on how things are going,K?take care hon, **
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