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Re: Androgel Roller coaster update

Originally Posted by hayfarmer;326***4
If you go off the Ag for a week and test, I would test for T, LH, prolactin and Estradiol at a minimum. You might also add TSH, FSH, free T and SHGB if you can afford it.
That is my plan. My insurance picks up about 60%. Well 1 week off AG be enough prior to new testing? What about all 3 Estrogens? I want to throw in the Iron tests as well.

Originally Posted by hayfarmer;326***4
Whatever you do, remember if you stay on androgel too long you may not be able to revive your testicles when you go off it....if that is something you might want to do. How long is too long? Who knows, its different for everyone.
So, it totally kills the HPTA?
That is true for any type of TRT, unless we take something like HCG with it, right?

Ever heard of LJ100 or Vitex as alternatives for HCG?

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