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Re: Androgel Roller coaster update

LJ100 and VItex!!! LJ 100 is Long Jack, supposedly creates more free T, all it ever did for me was make me ****** off all the time! Vitex is supposed to lower prolactin which will usually create more T, as prolactin is a T inhibitor. That is why you should have your prolactin checked, it could be the cause in itself of your Low T and simply treating that will fix your problem without TRT. Also consider horny goat weed....I have be on AG for almost 2 years and I supplement with HGW, DIM and 6oxo, along with zinc, B12 and Vit C...and to the best of my knowledge, and what the Endo told me a couple months back, my testicles are still normal size.... I believe very strongly from my trial and error about using supplements with TRT... but a good rule of thumb is try one thing for a couple weeks and write down if you feel better or worse or nothing and then add something or replace the first thing with something else. also, every 6 - 8 weeks take a one or two week break from herbal body will build a tolerance and they will stop working.... I have been using AG and supplements and have pretty good libido and energy most of the time... TRT is not a miracle, you are not going to start feeling like you are 25... age is still a ***** and you are going to have good and bad days, just like I am sure you did before you had hormone problems... dont think sticking something in your butt is going to be the fountain of youth... everyone is differant and it takes work to figure out what works for you....

good luck.