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Unhappy Struggling with the Ultram

I just wanted to update everyone on what was happening and how I was feeling. I am still trying to come back from stopping the Ultram cold turkey. My doctor wanted me to go on 1 1/2 pills for a week, 1 pill for 5 days, 1/2 a pill for 5 days and then stop. However, in order to get out of the severe depression and withdrawal symptoms I took 3 for two days, 2 1/2 on saturday, 2 on sunday. I am really struggling though because of my addiction and not wanting to take and stay on the Ultram just so I won't be depressed. I do realize that I might need an anti-depressant after I get off the Ultram. I think my brain has just been through so much the last 2 weeks with increasing the patch, stopping the Ultram, going through bad withdrawals, and then having to start the Ultram back up. My girlfriend is monitoring me though to make sure I don't take more of the Ultram than I am supposed to be. I know that I am not following the doctor's orders exactly but I wanted to get the level of the ultram built up a little in my body before I started cutting it back down slowly and eventually getting off of it. Should I be feeling guilty? I am just trying to not slip into that severe depression that the ultram withdrawal put me into. That scared the heck out of me especially since I am bipolar and get suicidal when I am depressed. I appreciate all of the support and comments here though


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