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Re: Doctors will not prescribe anything for pain? what do i do?

If there is any way you can keep from getting on narcotics at this young of an age, please do it! Have you tried physical therapy? Or even alternative medicines like accupuncture may sound kind of hokey, but they work for many many people. It is just a bad idea to begin taking pain meds now. The condition you have is likely to worsen with age and what will you do then after you've already taken (and most likely become addicted) to narcotics? There will not be many options for you. Honestly, although many people don't think they do, most doctor's know what they are doing. The muscle relaxants actually go in and relax your spasming back muscles and then the naproxen helps with the inflammation. All pain medicine does is go into your brain and block the pain pathway. You are still hurting, you're brain just doesn't allow you to know it. Your best bet is to try physical therapy or another conservative method and try to find a job that you can do that isn't so hard on your back. Not working and getting any kind of exercise is doing nothing for your back pain and in all honesty is making it worse.

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