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Re: Doctors will not prescribe anything for pain? what do i do?

Originally Posted by HappyFlower View Post
I am 33 and have pain which sounds at least similar to yours. My pain hurts most at night...because the nerves are depressed (compressed??) when I lay down. It is NO FUN...I know. We are also trying to fend off surgery as long as possible.

I have had so much luck with injections and anti-flams..really, I have. However, there are times when nothing but a Lortab will knock it out...period. And at those times, I am so greatful to have a doctor who understands this.

I agree avoiding narcotic medication for as long as you can is a good idea...and I don't think age makes a difference on that one. It is a "playing with fire" situation which has to be juggled very carefully. However, when you need refief, it is worth the juggle....
Happy Flower, that is exactly how it should be. You do conservative methods that control your pain most of the time, and of course there will be times that a narcotic is needed. If you take 5, 15, 20 pain pills a month, you will not become addicted and your dr will know that you are not a drug seeker. The dr's appreciate people like you who try other alternatives. Although narcotics are definitely needed at times, there are not to be the entire treatment option for a condition. As I've said, they only mask the pain. They do absolutely nothing for the cause of it.