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incident at a major international airport

Hi All...It's ksqueen here (now, friendly_one), the moderators changed my name. Anyway, I was leaving for a week long vacation up to New England w/my husband. We went to Salem, (I'm suuuuch a Halloween freak!! What better place to be!!), Boston, and New Hampshire.

Anyway, while we were leaving for our trip through our local international airport, I was pulled out of line from the TSA. I was we go. I NEVER check my meds, obviously, because these airline baggage people are like drug dogs....they can sniff out any narcotics that are checked. My pharmacist told me that and I believe it!! It also happened to a friend of mine.

Well, going through security with my "duffle bag" of meds, they were like "there is something suspicious in your bag, maam, please step over here". Oh MY God!! I was terrified! Anyway, what they saw were my boxes of Actiq. If you don't know, Actiq is a lozenge with a stick on the end. They saw the sticks with a "suspicious white substance on the end" through the X-Ray machine and they started freaking out. They went through ALL of my meds (Oxycontin, Actiq, b/p meds, heart rate meds, Xanax, and anti-dep meds). Now, everyone is looking at me and MY meds and I'm scared to death someone is going to try to hurt me again. Remember, I was the one attacked by gunpoint.

I know they need to do this for security reasons, I just wish they would have been a little bit more discreet about it. Around 20-40 people overheard what meds I'm on and where they are located (my check on bag). It would have been very easy to grab that bag from me and run. Well, my husband who is 6'7" tall took my bag and basically tied it around his neck! It was such a sight to see!!

Just curious if this has happened to anyone else. Bye for now!!

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