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Re: incident at a major international airport

YES, that didn't happen to me. Well, my grandmother but I was there. She was an patches and aqtiq ( I brought her back to the US when she was first diangosed with cancer to get those meds for her) and when we returned to Germany she had several months worth of meds and we were stopped at the airport, and the not only pulled them out but took them! They sent them back to the pharmacy and said that the pharmacy had to send them to a pharmacy in Germany. I guess it was illegal to carry them, but they didn't take the patches because they didn't notice them. Just the actiq because they are in those plastic individual packages with the sticks. When they asked I should have told them it was candy because I don't think they knew right away what they were. I should have told them candy and told them to take one out and smell it. But I told them the truth. Thankfully the let us pay to have it sent back express and the pharmacy helped us and sent them to us express and she had them back in 4 days. So anyone traveling out of the country needs to check with each country about the rules before traveling. Someone could end up in big trouble if they meds are taken, or in your case stolen after they exposed them to the public.