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Re: Xanax addiction...Please help me

I was exactly the same as you. I was getting 120 percocets each month and could only make them last about 12 days, 15 tops. Then I had to spend the rest of the month searching and searching and I got so sick of it. That is why I decided to quit. I couldn't stand the searching for them anymore. But I will tell you for a fact that most doc's would rather try to get you off of them than to prescribe more for you each month. If you take benzo's or opiates for years, your body is definitely going to become tolerant on them and almost always your mind too. They actually change the physical make-up of your brain. When you're addicted, its your brain telling you that you have to have more. Please take it from me, your doctor will gain the utmost respect for you for admitting you have a problem and will safely help you taper off of these drugs. If you do it his/her way, you can legally do this. If you taper another way, I'm assuming you will probably be buying the additional xanax's from someone which is illegal. Wouldn't it be such a shame if you got caught now that you are trying to get off of them? Just please think about it.


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