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Re: Is there a connection between thyroid disorders and high blood pressure?

Dark or black circles.. thank-you Mom for letting me participate and grill your US techs... are dead zones in the thyroid. Often referred to as nodes or cysts.

The main things a US scan shows are.. active thyroid absorption and processing in the thyroid tissue which glows with a color from blue to white depending on the rate of absorption of the iodine.

In Graves you have orange to red to white dominated images. Indicating a hyper absorption of the iodine.. in hypo cases you can have dead zones where the thyroid has shut down (grey-black in color) and the rest of the scan may be in cooler color tones, blue, green, yellow.. I would not worry over cancer yet. I am think Hashimoto's and the newly killed thyroid tissue is forming nodules. You may have a FNA in your future. You definitely should have medication to help shrink the thyroid and control your hypoT. Keep us posted and be sure to get a copy of your results. If you have questions, post and share them with the masses.

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