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Re: Please just one question here?

I first had some pain in my right rib cage area, I think some shoulder pain andsome nausea. I don't really know that any of it was related to the tumor. Anyhow, did a U/S to look for gallstones and they misdiagnosed me with fatty liver. A year went by and I asked my Dr. about it again and she took a better look at my blood work which was all normal and said usually something is off in bloodwork w/ fatty liver...went to specialist, had CT and MRI to determine what type of tumor it was. They are pretty sure it's FNH or focal nodular hyperplasia. Because all my bloodwork is fine I did not opt ot get a biopsy and it does not need to be removed. I just get a periodic US to monitor it and have blood checked. There's all kinds of benign conditions...we just discover them now because of technology.
What do your tests show and what has your Dr. said?