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EGD/Colonoscopy Pathology Report: Gastritis & Focal Active Colitis

I am trying to figure out what the pathology report from my EGD/colonoscopy means....

The report says:
Antral stomach biopsy:
Mild chronic gastritis without intestinal metaplasia
No Helicobacter organismms identified using harleco hemacolor stain solution #3 with positive control

Transverse/Descending colon, random biopsies:
Focal Active Colitis with mild edema
No evidence of crypt distortion, cryptitis, crypt abcesses or granulomas.

Rectum/Sigmoid Colon, random biopsies:
Focal Active Colitis with mild crypt distortion and mild edema.
No evidence of crypt abscesses, cryptitis or granulomas.

What is "Focal Active Colitis"? What does "mild crypt distortion" mean? Is this a kind of colitis that heals right away & never comes back (acute) or is it something I will have to deal with always (chronic)? I have been dealing with this since July. I have left side back/rib pain, cramping, burping & I have lost 36 lbs. to date. Of course there was blood in my stool, but no diahrrea or vomitting.

I am just trying to get a handle on if this is serious or if this is something that will go away & is no big deal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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