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Is anyone taking methadone for pain?

Hi All

A few months ago, after having abuse problems with oxycodone & hydrocodone, my pain doctor prescribed methadone in low dose and it has worked great for pain relief.
I still have to be very vigilant and take meds as prescribed since I have the addiction history.
Due to ulcerated esophagus anti-inflammatory meds are not an option for me. I have disk material that has fallen into spinal canal and need surgery but have used up all sick time and money so cannot consider surgery till next summer. The surgeon says my only recourse is meds or surgery and I trust his opinion. He is top notch.
My problem, as I see it, is that the dose of methadone is enough to make life bearable and for me to work but it would make me more comfortable at a slightly higher dose.
I mentioned this to my doctor after the first month and he was adamant about not increasing the dosage even though the informatin I have studied states that the protocol is to raise the dose over time until it brings adequate relief to the patient.
I feel that by being honest about abusing the other meds I have made the doctor nervous and sabatoged myself in regards to getting effective treatment.
Now I am afraid to bring it up again for fear he will refuse to treat me.
Has anyone had any experience with this kind of thing? And if so were you able to communicate to doctors in an effective way?
Also, I am seeing a counselor weekly to make sure I stay on track with the meds because without them I cannot function.
Thanks to any input.

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