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Hi all~
Interesting post. Im on the fence about starting this. I have had the worst luck my whole life with antidepressants and side effects, and my doc is out of town thru January and even though he wrote me a script for it, Im scared to start it while my doc is away.
I have found myself not wanting to get up, or do ANYthing. And its getting worse. I could stay in bed or on the couch and watch t.v until 2 pm and THEN get a shower, ect to go run errands. This is not like me at all...
I really need some help here from all of you guys I depend on so much, because I need to get back to life. Its not my meds, Ive had bouts like this my whole life, but had a career that made me get up and get going. Now its my down time, and I honestly am reverting back into the way I used to be. Its noT habit, boredom, ect. Im not depressed in the least, mentally, but physically i just dont give a crap. Im getting a draw again tomorrow for my thyroid, Im sure it needs to be upped. The script he wrote is for the smallest dose. ANY thoughts and help would be appreciated. You guys know me, and its not that its my down season, or anything like that. Ive been fighting this for a long time. The up side of this for me is I dont HAVE to be anywhere doing anything at all right now, and Im greatful.