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Re: fibromyalgia and tooth pain

if this IS the trigeminal nerve that is giving you problems,i don't think pulling the teeth out will solve your problems unfortunetly.this would be the actual nerve that has the problem and not in the gums or your teeth themselves,you know what i mean?i know fibro can do some pretty strange things to a persons body and show itself in many different forms too.there is a fibro board here that you could ask them about this.

have other possible causes been ruled out like within your c spine or a posssible issue within your brain,or face?ever since i had my aneurysm coiled,i have been getting a stranger form of my normal migrane headaches that i have had since i was 13(i am now 46).it starts only in the left side of my jaw and works back to just above my left ear,always.its the very same thing every time.this is new for me.but my midrin that i usually take for my migranes actually helps with the pain process.what meds have been tried on you for this pain process?how does your pain start?is it always the same exact thing everytime or does it change in presentation?knowing this would help me to help you.but pop into that fibro board and ask some questions of them.i just think they could give you a much clearer idea if this could be possibly fibro related or some other level of nerve affectation.please keep me posted on how you are doing,K? **
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