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Re: grandmal seizures and flying

Remember, they Do pressurize the cabin of the airplane to over 6000 ft. That may have been a contributing factor after the surgery.

As for epileptics and flying, I have not had problems even when pulling negative and positive G's in some mild aerobatics, going from about 10 feet above the water, well ice, (so roughly 950 ft MSL (sea level)) to a steep climb at full throttle maxing out the reading on my watch for climb, leveling out at 2100 MSL. And YES it was fun. I've had a lot of hours on Floats as well as wheel, even about 2 hours on a Bi-Plane (I miss that bird) that was fun.

Have you noticed if there was a major change of pressure if that trigers seizures at all? Example in the midwest we dropped to 28.65 I think it was for pressure the other week. Basicly 980MB if you convert it to MilliBar. Close to hurrican pressure. I hadn't seen that pressure in a long time, since I was on the eastern coast and there was a storm front brewing. Usually higher 29's, or mid 30's (we are at 30.40 right now) are normal up here.