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Re: thyroid to be removed - goiters

Originally Posted by 3sweeties2005 View Post
I was found to have a few nodules after an inconclusive biopsy of one I opted to have it totally removed rather than spend the rest of my life going to doctors for ultrasounds, biopsies, labs etc.

but just know that nothing will "cure" a multi nodular goiter and it will not go away in time.

This really follows our thinking. I reviewed my notes and this has been going on for 4 years. Each time my son gets checked, there are more nodules and others grow and change. He also had an inconclusive biopsy.

The other thing the endo said is people in this situation are relieved after the surgery because they don't have to go through the tests anymore.

I'm not worried about cancer right now, I know the risk is low. Given my son's situation, I believe he will have it taken out eventually so might as well do it now rather than go though all the ultrasounds and biopsies again.

I just found out my father had half his thyroid removed over 50 years ago (before I was born) because he had 1 nodule you could see and feel. So I think there is an heredity componant here.

Now from what I'm reading on the boards, I'm concerned about how long it takes to get the meds right.

Thank you everyone for your input.

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