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Re: What Happens When You Have a Seizure

I have various types of seizures and to varying degree!!!

But without giving a history on all of them just relating to what you have mentioned....

Only my last t/c I had infront of family members.... I dont remember it but I was telling them over and over again... I am ok I am ok I am ok....

That isnt a regular occurance, i do also know from previous experience especially with a complex partial I have been able to hear people around me and am unable to speak back... but can when I am comming around but not completly yet lucid from a t/c can hear ... often stating again I am ok I am Ok or dont worry and I say it over and over again...

I just wanted to touch on the hearing speaking part of my seizures i hope that helps to know

take care and never self doubt... we are all unique and special in our own ways..