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Awaiting biopsy results from endoscopy

It will be 2 weeks today since my endoscopy. My doctor was on vacation for the last week and just came back into the office on friday.
The scheduler called to make an appointment for a consultation visit with the doctor. I asked to speak with the nurse to find out my results and I was told that she'd call me by the end of the day. I called 3 times friday and they assured me the nurse would call. She never did.
I again called 3 times today and they finally told me they talked to the nurse and she can't go get my file off of the doctors desk and give me my results over the phone without his permission.
It makes me mad that they asked the nurse when I she could have came to the phone and told me herself or at least talk to me when I waited all weekend long to try to call back.
Why the consultation? Why won't they give me my results over the phone? This makes me very very nervous.
If the doctor found something like cancer during the endoscopy would he have told me he possibly thinks there is cancer? I am scared. I have 3 pictures from the endoscopy that he gave me that day and the pictures of my stomach look really red, swollen, puffy and very nasty, raw looking.
I was told I possibly have a hiatial hernia, possible gastritis, possible eosophlic esophagitis and schalti's rings which the doctor also said could be caused by an allergen and if so he wanted to try to treat it with a steroid type medicine to loosen these rings in my eophagus.
He said he wanted to postpone dialation of my esophagus until he got the biopsy results back in because in one area my esophagus was severely narrowed.
He was worried since he took biopsies that if he tried to dialate the area too it would tear my esophagus and he didn't want to risk it.
I am just really terrified that the nurse won't come to the phone and give me results, this is the first test I've ever had done by any doctor where I couldn't get results over the phone I told them honestly I can't afford the office visit fee to just come in and hear results that they can give me over the phone. The doctor was out of the office today so they couldn't ask for approval. They said he is in his other offices doing procedures tomorrow and he won't be back in the office until the afternoon to complete charts and if they can get an approval it probably won't be until Wednesday. I am a complete nervous wreck, I can't wait until Wednesday.
They were so rude over the phone and I felt like I was bothering them by calling so many times but if they only knew how I felt and how nervous and scared right now.
Has anyone else been told that they have to come in to talk to the doctor about their results before? Why is my chart on his desk where the nurse can't get to it?
Please anyone I'd love some support or any feedback here.
Thanks so much!

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