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Re: Adult downs syndrome, violent behavior

We have a son with Down syndrome who is 21 years old and functions at the pre-school level and the behaviors aren't because she just doesn't understand or at least that is my opinion. She is probably frustrated by her lifestyle - does she have day services for people with developmental disabilities? Sitting in your room watching TV - well, not the best situation for a lifestyle. If she has day services, have you spoken with them concerning her behavior? I have worked very hard with our son and he had some serious behavior problems. He was mostly homeschooled but now has started doing very well in a day program. He likes "jobs". He doesn't communicate well. Someday we won't be around and I want someone else able to step in and find a pleasant young man that they will be happy to see his needs met - let's face it, people that are more pleasant to be around also come out on top. Mental health services should be available through Medicaid for your daughter. People with Down syndrome need the same things that we need to feel good about ourselves and the negative behavior is often a way of expressing frustration. No one should be putting up with violent behavior. If you are not receiving services, call the state social services office - your daughter should have Medicaid and be receiving SSI.

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