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Re: Low Ferritin & Spatone

I started out using Spatone and it quickly got me out of the anemia range. I used 2 sachets per day (one if I forgot). The only thing I did notice is that, while I got out of the anemia range, my ferritin really did not increase for the 4 months while I was using it. This was from December to March. My ferritin stayed at 5. It was only when I started adding a children's chewable vitamin to the whole thing that my ferritin started increasing.

I finally had to quit using Spatone because they are no longer distributing in the United States and I was getting expired sachets from the U.S. distributer. I am now taking two children's chewables per day and my ferritin is increasing quite nicely.

The Spatone is supposed to be very absorbable; however, it is a really low dose. For me, even the two sachets wasn't quite enough to boost the storage levels.