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Getting Anxious~ Help With Talking To Doctors Of Sx

Nikki, you had suggested we start a thread on helping people discuss they're sx and addressing issues with they're doctors and the best way to go about this. I need some help and support so I figure this might be a good time to start this. LOL

My neuro appointment that I've waited 3 months for is getting close and I am trying not to work myself up too much in antisipation but after my last neuro from hell appointment, I am worrying that my explanations of my sx are not good.

As you all know, sx come and go. I liked Nikki's ideas on this in a past thread and hoped we could all offer support here and help people that are struggling with a dx communicate better with the doctors they see.

Here I am, gotton through the summer, and it was BAD!! The cooler air is helping me almost feel a bit normal again. The tingling has settled down some what , thankfully. The fatigue is lessened and the brain seems a bit clearer with cooler days but I have learned to slow down and not overdue things and tire out. I still do get to a point that I just have to close my eyes NOW because I'm so tired when I overdue at work.

My biggest complaits at this point is fatique and weakness in my legs. Today I had to go downstairs to my moms (I live on the 3rd floor) When I got down, I realized I had the wrong keys and had to go back up. Then down again. By the time I got 1/2 way back up, I was on my hands crawling!! Thats just not me!!

My newest aggravation is my left face and ear stings like I was slapped really hard. And I have these weird feelings in my legs and other parts of my body (feet arms stomach) that I don't know how to explain. It feel like something is flicking me from the inside. I explained this to a nurse that I know and she called this perculating legs. Can anyone tell me what this is??

Of course theres also my loss for words and saying them all wrong. I Know what I'm thinking but it won't come out. I'll point to things or describe things so my family can guess what I'm tring to say. Sometimes, I feel tongue tied and slurred. Almost a drunk feeling. I feel like I'm living in a different body (maybe a turtles LOL), I'm so much slower moving, like my legs feel heavy. If I stand for too long, my thighs get very shaky and I have to sit.

See, theres just so much going on, I just want to know how to break it down to the most important things so I can get this doctors attention.

Hopefully I can get some advice on how I word this and with that, help others too!!

Thanks so much~


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