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Re: Getting Anxious~ Help With Talking To Doctors Of Sx

Hi Cindy...nice to be remembered. Im glad that my original post to you helped inspire you to think harder on this! Reading what you wrote tonight, I dont think you are going to have a hard time telling your doctor what you told us- but this is what I would do:

(using your post as a guide)
Fatigue- especially noticable when overworked mentally/physically at work, or when trying to do normal physical activity such as walking up/down stairs. Overall feeling of sluggishness.
Tingling- noticed since the cooler weather has improved, but spent all summer dealing with it. (note: does hot showers also do this to you?)
Facial Buzzing like a stinging sensation, mostly on left side
Some intermittent cognitive difficulties especially with finding the right word at times.

This is of course a very brief list, and NO DOCTOR is going to read it, however by listing things this simply for yourself to use as a reference, when they are taking your history, you can refer to it. You dont want to overwhelm a doctor with every single symtom you have ever had...but you do want to touch on the most recent, most bothersome and most unexplainable....this will give him or her a place to start asking questions. YOU should have the answers to : when did this start? Does anything make it worse, better? Have you taken any meds/supplements for this and did they help or hurt ? You should also have every single test, result and film you can get your hands on with you...

I think, and this is my own personal belief, that people get more overwhelmed when they walk into a doctors office EXPECTING to get answers or worse yet, being SURE of what they are going to hear, but not hearing it. Its a doctors place to both dx, but also rule out everything, and MS being so hard to dx, not everyone hears what they want/expect to hear each time...
Keep it simple Cindy. Keep your list short and to the point- be able to answer questions about who you have seen, why, able to say what you are feeling, for how long and what aggravates it or helps it..but DO NOT think that any doctor is going to read this list....
Also, knowing that we as MSers and Potential MSers tend to forget things, write things down. What vitamins/supplements and the quantity you take- what smaller things are bothering you such as have you had eye pain or back pain- anything that you want to remember to mention..but the key is DONT MENTION everything until the doctor has had a chance to evaluate you...then, ASK QUESTIONS! I think this is going to help you by giving the doctor a chance to do their job, and to make sure that when you hear what he has to say, you get a chance to also clarify things bothering you.
I hope this helps you and doesnt sound like I know it all...I dont know it all, but I do know from my own GOOD experiences, that this is what has helped and worked for me!
Good luck. Dont be nervous..this is your chance to try again...sometimes, in this world, it takes more then one try!
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