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Re: Getting Anxious~ Help With Talking To Doctors Of Sx

You have the right attitude. Go in there hoping for answers, and respecting what you are told...but at the same time, also go in there calm, cool and collected. The list will help you to do that. Its true that we tend to go in and spit out everything which has happend and is frustrating us. Lets face it, this is a most frustrating time in our lives, and an even more frustrating disease. Its never the same for too long. Symtoms come and go daily. Some last way too long and when we finally get to see that doctor, they dissapear! None of it is fun. Kind of like the car which stops making 'that noise" when we take it to the mechanic...

But whats important is staying focused and being able to speak and say what you mean. Its horrible that some doctors refuse to believe that patients can have so much going on and be on the verge of "losing" it when they are in the presence of the very person they are counting on to help them....but (and again in my opinion) this is usually due to how the patient presents themself. By presenting yourself as organized, and yet being honest and saying you are scared- you are then giving the physician the ability to be the authority...and lets face it, they did go to school a heck of a long time, they do deserve that credit. Giving them a chance to do what they DO, is the only way we as patients will ever get anywhere....but honestly, presentation is key. Go in there prepared for anything...remember that you have the support of all of us here and PLEASE let us know how it goes!
and, youre very welcome.
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