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Re: Low Ferritin & Spatone

Most of those over the counter iron supplements have fairly low dosages. I suppose they have to put a lower dosage on the directions b/c not everybody buying it would be extremely low in iron/anemic.

The gp who i first saw when diagnosed with a ferretin of 8 simply told me to go and buy a supplement. Didn't even bother to inform me of a particular brand or dosage. I got to the chemist and was overwhelmed by all the different brands of iron supplements and the varying technical terms used.When i finally found a doctor who knew his stuff he told me i could have tripled the dosage of the supplement i was on and still not get anywhere. This is why it's so important that your doctor works with you so you can get ahead ASAP.

By all means let us know how you get on, it's good to get comparisons on what works for who, what type of dosage and in which time frame.