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Thyroid Cancer?

My grandma is 76 years old, and had surgery last week to remove part of her thyroid because of some nodules she had on the right side of her thyroid. Her doctor said they all looked benign, but she got a call today from the doctor because they found out that one of the nodules was cancerous. He told her she has to have surgery again within 2 weeks to get the other part of her thyroid removed.
I read on the internet that there are 4 types of thyroid cancer, and 2 types have a better prognosis than the others. She doesn't know yet which kind she has, but considering the fact that the doctor hadn't thought the nodules were cancerous, do you think that this is a good sign and means that it probably hasn't spread at all to surrounding areas? Would they have checked for that during the first surgery?
Thanks for any answers!

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