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Re: Where I am at


Thanks again for your response. I sent a letter off to the CHMA today looking for their help in finding a long term counselor/therapist so I guess that is a positive step.

Right now I just started Nardil a little over a week ago that is not showing any positive effect so far and I am all over the map in terms of emotions and probably stability. Needless to say my walls are sky high at the moment.

which is completly utter garbage considering I got beat for any reason under the sun and for whatever someone else did, mind you this was a main reason why I went into my career field thinking if some kid came running to me for help I would be prepared to act and do something. Somewhere along the line I realized to disappear into corners, keep my mouth shut and the only person I could trust with my safety is myself - which I don't do very well.

Its late and I am starting to ramble

take care

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