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Weening from a bottle?

So at my sons 9 month check up his dr. said she would like him to be weened from the bottle by 1 year. I'm not sure how to do that. Here's his schedule:
6-6:30 wakes and has bottle
7:00 cereal
8:30 bottle and nap
12:00 lunch
1:30 bottle and nap
3:30 bottle
5:00 dinner
6:30 bath and bottle
7:00 bed

I know it is totally going to screw up his schedule. He uses a sippy cup but I've never put his formula in it. How did everyone else do this? Should I wait 'til he's 1 and then stop cold turkey? He doesn't have a security item so I really don't think he will have a problem giving up the bottle but I don't know since he gets them before his naps.

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