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Re: question about muscle spasms

Hi Lynn
I will try and describe to you what my muscle spasms feel like. I usually get spasms in my right leg and they happen involuntarily. I can be laying down or sitting up, or walking when they happen it doesn't seem to matter.
First my muscles tighten for a short period of time and then they relax. This can cause involuntary movements. My husband can testify he has been at the recieving end of my spasms many times while sleeping at night. I have even kicked him right off the bed. He has a good sense of humor though and so we just make light of the situation. It's awkward for me when I am walking on a cross walk and it happens cause I feel like a complete goof. Everyone can see me.
When I have a muscle cramp it is different. I get them ALL the time when I am stretching, swimming or doiing any kind of physical activity. When I get a cramp my toes will curl up and contort into different positions. This is painful and frustrating cause it keeps from doing the things that I like.
When I get twitches, they are fast and fleeting. If I get a twitch in my arm for instance I will get it off and on in the same spot for at least a couple of weeks. Twitches don't hurt me it just feels weird, like a pulsating feeling.
I hope that this helps you. I am on medication for my spasms and I am thankful that they have decreased.
Good luck to you Lynn!