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Re: Weening from a bottle?

the thing to keep in mind though, is that you are in charge of your son's health. you know your son better than anyone else does, so if he's not ready to wean by a year old, then don't worry or stress about it. doctor's have this tiny little box they like to cram every single kid into, but not all kids fit into that little box. why don't doctors ever like to think outside that box??? makes me crazy!!! there is absolutely no reason why a kid should have to quit drinking from a bottle by a year old. you don't see any doctor forcing a mother to quit nursing her child by a year old, why do they think you have to quit bottle feeding???

neither of my two wanted anything to do with their sippy cups if they had milk in them! they could drink water or juice all day from their sippy cups, but milk??? not a chance! i tried it warm, cold, and even with a tiny hint of chocolate once out of sheer curiosity if it would work... it didn't! they just hated milk in a cup! my oldest had her bottle until she was 2 1/2. i'll probably let my youngest do the same thing (she's almost 2 now). oh, and we did just take a trip to the dentist a few weeks ago, and my oldest's teeth were perfect (didn't take the younger one)....

ANYWAY.... i'm not saying your doctor is wrong. if you think your son is ready to wean, then by all means, go for it. what the previous poster said about cutting one bottle a day, is a good way to go about it. but if he doesn't love the sippy cup and freaks out about it, don't stress. you are still a good mommy! keeping the bottle past a year old isn't a bad thing. a lot of kids will wean quickly with no problems and just love their sippy cups. others (like mine) hate the sippy cups no matter what you try. either way, you know your son, so do what works best for him. good luck!

(a good sippy cup to try is the nuby cup with the soft spout!)