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Re: Where I am at

Hi Timpa,

I really liked what you said about labels and that "normal" people have living problems too. I hate to tell anyone my labels, but will discuss my symptoms instead if i 'm am having problems. When i label myself, or let someone else, I feel damaged and i hate that feeling.

And This too shall pass is great. I use that too. And it does pass, no matter what. It is just better not to react in a negative way and let it pass. It takes practice but I'm able to do that most of the time. I rarely get angry and when i do, I am not mean about it. And fear is the same way. I have to be dependent on someone, so I am dependent on God. Self reliance fails me. Other people fail me. But God never does. With problems, the more I focus on the problem, the bigger it gets, but if I focus on solutions, the problem gets smaller. I learned those things in AA and they work. Focus on solutions. Not on the labels.

Thanks for posting.

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