Thread: is he bored?
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Re: is he bored?

Just let him do what he wants.
No way, if you're not getting anything out of it then it's not fair on you. We're not in the dark ages where the idea of women enjoying sex was unthinkable, it's supposed to be an equal thing especially in a relationship.

He sounds like he wants to dominate, thats understandable.
Not to get into a BDSM discussion, but two golden rules:
1. When you're in a dominating position it's because you've both agreed and understood this - consensual is key
2. It's the dominant persons responsability to ensure the sumbissive has their sexual needs met

There's being dominating and there's being self centred about ones own sexual needs while ignoring someone elses. Men have got away with far too much in the name of being dominating, and if you need something else then you have every right to say so, and he ought to be man enough to take it.