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Re: Please help me understand my MRI Report

wow, I'm 30 as well, similar probs l4-5 s1 disc herniation with bilateral radiculopathy, nerve pain in both legs. try all forms of conservative treatments, surgery was my last option when epidurals weren't helping and I was on a full medical leave, barely walking. I had a discectomy may 2005 where they remove the herniated portion of the disc to relieve pressure from the nerves that is causing the leg pain. 12 days post surgery, I suffered a complete disc collapse, they say because removing portions of the disc can make it unstable. there is practically no space left, and it feels like it grinding bone on bone. I now have to consider more sugery to correct. a bilateral laminectomy, with fusion, placements of pedicle screws and something called a dynamic stabilization.

I'm now on disabilty, in chronic pain. the leg pain, numbness, heaviness, tingling, burning, freezing, and buzzing sensations drive me crazy. my legs have also become hypersensitive. I can relate to you. don't get discouraged, if you're going to have to have surgery, make sure you get at least 5 or more opinions, and then some. because some docs will only peddle certain kinds a therapies or surgeries because that is what they specialize in. I panic every time I consider this surgery I have to have. I swear my docs and therapist are conspiring by them all telling me that it's a "minimally invasive procedure" to try to allay my fears. but my first procedure was minimally invasive as well, my disc collapsed, and actually re-herniated. so I have to a bigger procedure now.
I don't care how often they say minimally invasive= less cutting they say, it's still my spine. surgery is surgery. make sure you inform yourself. I only had the surgery when nothing else worked and the leg pain just getting worse. surgery was my last option. I wish you luck...they say don't knock it til' you try it...what therapy worked for someone might not work for you...I did the entire gamet of conservative treatment, except for trying accupunture (can't get over the needles but some people have had relief with that. there's this new thing call DRX5000, which is like getting traction, some swear by it. hang in there ok

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