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feeling nervous about new med

Well I am so excited and nervous at the same time. My PM dr is switching my meds around. I was taking 20mg Oxycontin ER x3 a day, I got to the point where I just could not make that pain releif last the full 8 hours yet alone the 6 hrs. My PM DR is prescribing Methadone 20mg every 12 hrs. The pills will come in the form of 10mg tablets so he said that I could take 2 10mg every 12 hours or 1 10mg every 6 hours. He explained that the methadone was superion in potency to the Oxycontin on a per mg basis but does not mean I will get more pain relief. Some do and some dont, he explained! I sure hope I do. I could most def use the added pain releif and I can also use the added lenght of Pain releif.
Long story short I am also nervous to take this medicine due to possible withdraw down the road when I have to come off of it (if that ever really happens anyhow) I hear they are no fun at all especially from methadone. Well thanks for letting me vent and I would love to hear any good/bad stories from you other CP'er's out there. Is it also true that there is less side effects from this medicine IE: dopy feeling, drowsiness, etc... if so then that would be GREAT!!!!!!!!!.

sorry for the long post, hope you are pain free and having a blessed day!!!

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