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Re: Cast Claustrophobia

I'm in a cast now. I just visited my Dr. who made a 2 1/2" cut on the side of the cast to slightly loosen the toes and he said it's the best he can do without loosening the ankle area support. He strongly believes that a cast is necessary for the ankle to heal properly. So I'm stuck with it for a while. I destroyed my last cast I had. I only had it on for 3 weeks when it was suppose to be 4 weeks, but I completely lost it after 3 weeks and removed it myself. I'm stuck in this for 5 more weeks.

The splint I had on was custom molded (molded to the bottom of my foot, ankle and calf). It was lighter, but you have far less mobility in it. My splint goes right up to the back of my knees, so it was hard to bend the knees. Because the splint was so long it needed up causing accidents with the crutches (toes hitting the ground). The only thing that I think the splint is better than a cast is that you can remove the bandages to air out, but it's also more problematic if you don't wrap it properly (too tight can cause compressed nerves which is very annoying and painful).