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Smile Left Shoulder/Arm/Chest discomfort/pain/dull aches ... heart ruled out. Need help!

Greetings all,

For the past few months I've been dealing with some discomfort/tightness and some small pain (the pain is more of a dull constent ache than anything) in my left shoulder, chest and mostly in my left arm. Just for some background info, I've seen a cardiologist and have gone through a stress test, blood test and ultra sound of my heart and everything is in perfect shape. I was told I have an exerciser’s heart. I did have pretty high cholesterol for being 28 at the time, but have since lowered it drastically. I have no shortness of breath and sleep pretty well. I’m also not overweight.

It's difficult to describe the feeling in my left arm. It certainly hurts a bit more when used (i.e. we just moved), but sometimes happens at random. I've tried to hold my arm in various places while driving and while sitting at my desk. My arm usually feels very tight…especially in my bicep and forearm. I recently found a bunch of lumps in my left chest, which turned out to be just fatty nodules or something. I was told it was not cancer or lymphoma. Is there any chance the nodules could be causing the pain/discomfort in my left arm? I'm kind of at my whit’s end here! I can't sleep on my left arm at all really and am really just tired of this strange feeling. I've had some panic issues when this first started, but they were very very mild. I was able to cure this through some meditation and a few visits to a psychiatrist. I know the mind does some whacky stuff, but this has been at least 6 months now.

Oh and I should add I've had the same weird "tightness" in my left calf, which has now completely gone away and in my left eye, which is still there from time to time.

Any thoughts on what the heck this is? I really don't know where to go from here!

Thanks for the help!

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