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Re: Left Shoulder/Arm/Chest discomfort/pain/dull aches ... heart ruled out. Need hel

Originally Posted by janewhite1 View Post
Do you mean lumps as in sticking out, or something firm under the skin? Are they sore? If they are firm sore spots, try pressing on them very gently, almost to the point of pain but not quite, and hold for about 20 seconds each. They just might shrink down and leave your chest/arm/shoulder feeling a little looser. For more details, look up "trigger points" and "myofascial pain" in your information research of choice.


Thanks for the reply!

The bumps are under the skin and are pea sized. They actually don't hurt, but are just a little uncomfortable (to answer your question they are not sore to the touch). Nothing really bad, just noticable. They are a bit closer to my armpit. The Dr. who I saw said they may go away or get larger. At this point he said removing them would be a bad idea. Now that I think about it, I didn't ask him if this could be related to my arm aches. Is it possible these little nodules could affect my arm? It just seems so strange.

Doing a search on "trigger points" and "myofascial pain" now. Thanks for the tip!